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fwakelin -> UPGRADE HELP: Exchange 5.5 LDAP Port for in place upgrade 5.5 - 2000 (11.Mar.2002 10:53:00 PM)

I am going to be performing an in-place upgrade of our Exchange 5.5 server. The process is pretty clear with the exception of the reconfiguring of the LDAP port.

The course, as well as the MS KB article (Q255256: XADM: Upgrade Fails When Exchange Server 5.5 LDAP Port Has Been Reconfigured):
Generally, the LDAP port is changed so that a domain controller, Microsoft Exchange Server 5.5, and Active Directory Connector (ADC) can all be run on the same computer. When an upgrade is performed, however, it expects that the Exchange Server 5.5 directory is listening on the default port (389).
This is exactly the situation with our Exchange 5.5 server. The LDAP port on the Exchange server is currently 390. The ADC is already installed in our case and is configured to use port 390 for exchange LDAP. I take it from this article that the setup program itself also accesses the Exchange 5.5 server (in addition to the ADC access it) via LDAP to obtain site information.

To work around this problem the article states:

  • Set the ADC to Replicate Never.
  • Change the LDAP port on the Exchange Server 5.5 computer back to 389.
  • Re-run Setup.
After this, the ADC won't be needed for this particular server, and you can remove it or point it to another Exchange Server 5.5 computer.
Even if the ADC is not replicating, port 389 will still be taken by the AD LDAP service, will it not? If so, then it will still not be able to connect with the exchange 5.5 ldap service as it will not work due to the fact that the port is already taken. The article does state that this solution is for the scenario when Exchange 5.5 is installed on a Windows 2000 DC however, so I am a bit confused as to how this will work...

Can you help me understand the process here? Do I have to allow the setup to fail first with the port as is, then reconfigure it to 389?


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