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Steveinnorcal -> Mailbox permission issues migrating from Ex5.5 to Ex2000 (21.Mar.2002 6:44:00 AM)

Ok, heres what Ive done

We have a NT4 single domain with Ex5.5 and I created a new W2K DC, configured trusts to the NT4 domain, and installed an Exchange 2K member server that joined the 5.5 organization. I installed the ADC, created the connection agreements, and the Ex5.5 users populated my AD as disabled accounts. I then ran the ADMT to move the NT accounts to AD. I used the move mailbox utility to move the mailboxes from 5.5 to 2K. Then I had a user log in to the new Win2K domain, changed the profile from the 5.5 server to the 2K server, but the user cannot access the mailbox. I looked at the mailbox rights on the 2K user account and it didnt have the 2K permissions on it. I added the win2k account to the mailbox rights and it seems to work ok. Do I have to do this to each user I migrate or am I missing something? I would think that the process would add the account rights automatically. Thanks for any help.


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