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brad -> Exch 5.5 to Exch 2000 Organization Synch? (25.Mar.2002 5:09:00 PM)


Our environment consists of multiple NT 4.0 domains in several different locations. The users in these domains all get their e-mail from the same Exchange 5.5 server. We are currently running Exchange 5.5 on a server that is physically dieing a slow death. We have in place the replacement Exchange 2000 server on what was to become the root domain of our Active Directory Tree. This Exchange 2000 server is configured as a separate organization.

The initial plan was to upgrade the domain controllers in each of the NT 4.0 domains to Windows 2000 and move the mailboxes using Active Directory, but since our Exchange 5.5 server is acting up, my boss told me to put any Active Directory plans on hold until the mail issues are resolved.

IĘve set up trusts between the NT and 2000 domains, installed the ADC and run the Migration Wizard to copy a couple of mailboxes from the old server to the new. The copy went OK and the user (logged in under NT 4.0 domain credentials) is able to send to the internet. However, any inbound mail goes to the mailbox on the 5.5 server. Also, any e-mail sent from an Exchange 2000 account to a 5.5 account results in an NDR. So far, no MX records have been changed in either our internal or external DNS servers.

Is there any way to keep mailboxes in both these servers synchronized in spite of the fact that they are in two different organizations. I would like to be able to do this to provide a smooth transition for the users with no mail outages. Going around and pointing all the Outlook profiles to the new server would probably take a week. This will be particularly handy because the next task will involve migrating mailboxes from yet another Exchange 5.5 organization.

Any help would be greatly appreciated (the end users are getting a little restless down here).


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