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screnpro -> Linux email server to exchange 2000 (4.Apr.2002 6:18:00 AM)

Hi all,
My company is thinking about converting 3 of our linux sendmail email servers to exchange 2000 servers. Does anyone have any exprience on the conversion,importing users from linux to exchange and time line for the conversion
any help will be greatly appreciated

cirwin152 -> RE: Linux email server to exchange 2000 (4.Apr.2002 7:25:00 AM)

Here are some ideas:
1. Find out how users access mail - is it via POP3 or IMAP4?

2. Find out if they have any newsgroups (equivalent of Public Folders).

3. Migrate users from Outlook Express to Outlook 2000 (say).

This first step for the users will allow them to continue to use SMTP/POP3 (or
IMAP4) to access their mail on the Unix system, but allows for a transition to
MAPI-based access to Exchange.

4. When converting a user to Exchange, several steps need to happen:

a. Create the mailbox in Exchange.

b. Edit the /etc/aliases file on the Unix system to direct mail for this user
onto Exchange -


c. Go to the users' workstation and remove the old Internet Mail MAPI profile,
and create a new one for Exchange.

d. Move all the messages in the PST up to Exchange. (alternatively, set the
profile to pull all messages down to the PST)

5. If they use news, you can configure a newsfeed to pull the information
into Public Folders.

Note that you could do 3 and 4 together, so you only visit the workstation
once. Using some nifty custom VB Script, you
could attempt to do this auto-magically in a logon script - but it would be

You could potentially buy yourself time by leaving users on Outlook Express,
and having them POP mail from Exchange, and direct SMTP traffic to Exchange.

1. Several initial steps:

a. Create all the mailboxes in Exchange.

b. Add a secondary proxy address for each user with the user's old address.

2. If the user's configuration is setup to send SMTP mail to and POP from, change the DNS for both of
these to point to Exchange.

3. Advise users their usernames/passwords are now their NT username and
password. At the least, you could keep the usernames the same...

4. You can then update users to Outlook at your leisure, following steps 3,
4c and 4d (above).

screnpro -> RE: Linux email server to exchange 2000 (4.Apr.2002 7:42:00 AM)

Thank for all this info. it answer alot of questions i have in mind. do you know of any tools i can use to transfer all the users from my linux email servers to the new exchange servers.

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