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reez -> Lost my 'Exchange Administrator' tool (20.Apr.2002 3:18:00 AM)


I m trying to do migration upgrade from SBS 4.5 to SBS 2000 (on another server). Last week I used the exmerge.exe to move mailbox and was able to get the Exchange 2000 running.

Today my old server was infected with virus, and I deleted some files. I ran the exmerge.exe. It failed to run, saying Exchange Administrator was not found in the old server.

I clicked start - program - ms exchange - ms exchange admistrator. it didnt run. I got the OPEN WITH box, asking what program should I associate admin.vxe.

So really I m stuck. How can I open the admin.vbe or how can I restore my mail box to the new server. Does any good souls out there who can help me?

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