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mileyt -> Move Server Wizard in mixed environment (1.May2002 6:20:00 PM)

Hi all, I have a question regarding the move server wizard that maybe some wise ones can assist with.

My current setup is this;
NT4.0 PDC sp6 that is also Exch5.5 sp4 server
W2K sp2 server that is also Exch2000 sp2

The W2K server was added to a new office and is a member of our existing site and organization on the NT4/Exch5.5 platform. What I have been asked to do is move these servers to a new site, same organization (basically they want the name of the site changed). Does anyone have any experience with this? Things I am pondering are; will the ADC replicate the site change to the W2K server? Will I need to just remove the W2K server, do the move and reinstall the W2K server into the new site (back up all the W2K mailboxes to .pst, same with public folders), etc. Can't seem to find much on mixed mode issues on MS support so any real life experience on this would be appreciated.

koji -> RE: Move Server Wizard in mixed environment (1.May2002 7:44:00 PM)

I have the same problem as you do. Instead of just stating the same problem again, I suggest that you take a look at my post;f=13;t=000034c there it is a suggestion.


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