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koji -> Pre E2K installation: AD question (3.May2002 4:49:00 PM)

Hi, in a previous message I asked about the usual Installation of Running E2K in W2K and keeping it apart from an E5.5 with NT4.0 PDC. After trying to set up the new E2K server, if I try to join a domain(the NT4.0 PDC) it says that is has no AD installed on that domain and Setup cannot continue. My question is:(sorry if it sounds silly) Do I have to install AD on the NT4.0 PDC without having to upgrade to W2K? or if there is another way to replicate this:


Old config: 1 server
| NT4.0 Server |
| Domain Controller |
| Exchange 5.5 |

New Config: 2 servers
--------------------- ----------------
| NT4.0 Server | | Win2k Server |
| Domain Controller | |Exchange 2000 |
--------------------- ----------------


jsteinsky -> RE: Pre E2K installation: AD question (27.May2002 3:24:00 PM)

The fact is that E2K has no GAL of its own and relies on Active Directory for this. Hence, you need to have Active Directory in place before you can install E2K - that's the "domain" that it's asking for - it's one that's running Active Directory.

Unfortunately, you cannot install Active Directory on an NT4 domain controller.

So you have some choices to make:

1) Upgrade your existing NT4 domain to W2K/AD "in place" and then you can just go ahead and install E2K.

2) Setup a separate AD domain just to support E2K and permission the mailboxes so your NT4 users can use them.

In scenario 1, you can run this Active Directory in mixed mode so that you can continue to support NT4 DC's. Even if you went to native mode, you could still use NT4 app/member servers without problems.

Sorry for the long winded reply but I wanted to make sure that you have ample facts in front of you.

koji -> RE: Pre E2K installation: AD question (7.Jun.2002 7:04:00 PM)

Thanks for the reply, I will try setting up a separate domain with AD and 2k on the same server as the new E2K, I know this practice is not recommended, but the corporation (government dependency) is kinda short on $$ . [Frown]
If everything works ok, I will then upgrade the PDC to 2k and see what happens. Damn NewsRoom 3.0 that doesn't run on 2k!
Thanks anyway,

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