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GJovanovic -> EXMERGE fails in step 2 (20.Jun.2002 5:51:00 AM)

Hi there,

I am trying to migrage an NT 4/Ex 5.5 system in Domain A to a Win 2K/Ex 2K in Domain B. I decided to use EXMERGE. Export to intermediate files works just fine.

Import is another story. I specify the mail server name and the DC and I get a failure trying to read the mailboxes. The log file shows:

[23:40:51] Error 8007203a opening an LDAP connection. ('LDAP://MAILSRV/rootDSE') (CADRoutines::GetNamingContextData)

I looked up this error at MS and check all the DENY Send/Receive As for Administrator and they are all cleared.

The mail server is not a Domain Controller so the above LDAP query is going to fail since LDAP is not running.

Thoughts on what to do?


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