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teachme2k -> Serious Mail routing issues... Pls. help (3.Jul.2002 7:09:00 AM)

I hv. got a new E2K server installed with AD, forest prep domain prep and ADC installed. I am even able to migrate some users from exchg. 5.5 to 2K. Now the only thing i am not able to do is tht i am not able to send or receive maisl from the migrated users a/c ( whoz mail box is now sitting in E2K).

Can anyone let me know how do i configure mai routing so that the mails from E2K server reach teh IMS of exchg. 5.5 ( FYI both the 5.5 and 2K r in the same site).

Thanks a lot

DaDougInc -> RE: Serious Mail routing issues... Pls. help (4.Jul.2002 3:04:00 AM)

Make sure that the legacy information is correct. Follow this article:
Q319886 - XCON: E-Mail Message Is Not Delivered from Exchange 2000 Server
Also, Q281800 - XCON: Troubleshooting Message Failures in Exchange 2000

Verify that E2K new users and 5.5 users can still send back and forth

teachme2k -> RE: Serious Mail routing issues... Pls. help (10.Jul.2002 8:36:00 PM)

Now the mail flow is smooth. I hv. migrated 50% of users to E2K and now bothE2K users and Exchg. 5.5 can send mails to each other and also to outside world using exchange 5.5 IMS>

How i want to configure SMTP connector in my exchange 2K so that i can delete the IMS> How do i do that.. Iwant to test it first.. FYI ! I hv. two e-mail domains for which my server receives mail.

Any input will be highly appreciated...


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