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dcfirewall -> Migration Concerns E2K to E2K can we discuss this ! (26.Jul.2002 10:06:00 PM)

Hello All the Techies on here I am new entrant into the world of Exchange servers and shortly i would be starting my new assingment now here comes the first day of thunder showers """
I have a server running on exchange 2000 enterprise edition with service pack to (application service provider) this is at a location A ,MY head office is at Location B now my problem is migrating the stuff out of the exchange server 2000 to exchage server 2000 , should i make one of them a PDC and the other a BDC and also do the servers have to reside on the same domain ,
What would be the major troubles that i may over come when i do this kind of process
any step by step procedure available or any how to's avialable for the same
Please help me in accomplishing this task and i would be at my best to serve this community well
Capital Server

DaDougInc -> RE: Migration Concerns E2K to E2K can we discuss this ! (29.Jul.2002 11:42:00 PM)

You are trying to migrate from one E2K server to another E2K server?

First, in Active Directory, there is no PDC or BDC. I would make them part of the same domain and at least have a Domain Controller and Global Catalog server at each location (not necessarily the same server). See below for more information.

If you just want to move the data from one E2K server to another, then you can join the same Admin Group within Exchange 2000 setup and then move the mailboxes - within Active Directory Users and Computers -> Exchange Tasks.

If you want both servers to run Exchange 2000 and have mailboxes on each, join the new E2K server to the same Admin Group and then create a Routing Group (RG). Configure a Routing Group Connector between the two RG. Move the mailboxes that you want to move from server A to Server B.

There are other paths to follow but these may be the most clean path.

For more information, check out these articles on http://support.microsoft.com
Q313994 - HOW TO: Create or Move a Global Catalog in Windows 2000
Q199174 - Directory Replication Basics for Windows 2000
Q272691 - XADM: Windows 2000 Requirements to Run Exchange 2000
Q257508 - XADM: Setup Options for Exchange 2000 Server
Q262068 - XADM: How to Set Up Exchange 2000
Q231731 - XADM: Administrative Groups and Routing Groups

dcfirewall -> RE: Migration Concerns E2K to E2K can we discuss this ! (30.Jul.2002 3:45:00 PM)

hello dadouginc,
Thanks and thanks again for the information posted over my concern i would try doing the same at my lab today and i hope your experinces can really enlighten this world of mine
thanks again

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