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Guest -> Migration Wizard Question (6.Aug.2002 12:58:00 PM)

Hello All:

I'm not sure of the consequences and pitfalls of my scenario - I'd
appreciate any comments or advice.

I have a root domain running in native mode that also has the XC2000 server
I need to upgrade/migrate an NT4 Domain to child.root.com and migrate the
mailboxes and public folders to the XC2k box in the root domain. The XC5.5 Box is a BDC.
My plan is:
a) in place upgrade of an NT4 PDC to child.root.com. That way I have the user
accounts in AD.
b) use the migration wizard to move the mailboxes to the XC2k box and
c) move the public Folders with .pst files (not that much data so no
Footnote: ADC is not necessary, since we're doing the upgrade/migration on the Weekend with no users in house.

Did I miss anything? Am I correct in the assumption that the Migration Wizard will only create new user accounts if it can not find a matching account?

Thx in advance for any comments and advice!

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