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DaveRankin -> Basic Outline Required (8.Aug.2002 4:29:00 PM)

Does anyone know where a basic outline of different scenarios for E2k installation/migration can be found.

I can find loads of info about all the tools and understand it fairly well but can find out what to do in which order such as when to use ADC and when not to, when to install ADC...before or after forrest prep, AD migration tool, E2k Migration wizard....etc etc.

It would be great to see a list of scenarios such as if you have a/b/c and want to reach d then follow the order 1/2/3.

Is that two much to ask ! i guess so

NTadmin101 -> RE: Basic Outline Required (17.Dec.2002 10:08:00 PM)

G-Man, try this,

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