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JMCBURNETT -> Complete reload of Network (18.Aug.2002 9:44:00 PM)

We are undertaking a complete reload of the Windows network.
We have found so many problems with the core NT servers that we just don't believe a simple migration will fix them.

Now for the questions:
1. After noting LDIFDE's ability to create mass accounts, where can I find an example of the "LDAP fields"?
2. After creating the new Server's at Corporate,
I found a curiousity in Exch 2000. On 5.5 I can set the server to accept mail destined for etc. Where is this on E2K?
3. How can I migrate the private contacts of my users, without going to the desktop and exporting them and reimporting them????
4. I have looked over Q155414, Exch 4/5/5.5 bulk import/export, can LDIFDE use this??



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