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Iqbali -> ADC - Public Folder replication Probem (27.Sep.2002 11:10:00 AM)

I hope someone can help. I have setup 2 test Exchange 5.5 servers in different sites in an NT domain and have setup an Exchange 2000 server in the Exchange 5.5 site in an AD domain. The trust relationship is working OK. I have used ADMT and ADC to migrate users and DLs details without a problem. I have now setup a Public Folder CA and have hit a serious problem. My 5.5 PFs successfully appear in the Exchange System Objects OU in Active Directory Users and Computers. However the PF hierarchy doesn't appear in the Exchange 2000 System Manager. Also newly created PFs in 2000 successfully replicate in to the 5.5 environment but new PFs in the 5.5 hierarchy do not replicate into the 2000 system manager but will appear in AD.

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