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Xuser -> Testiing migration from Exch5.5 to Exch2000 (4.Nov.2002 3:50:00 PM)


I would like to test our migration from our Exch5.5 to Exch2000 Server on our test environment first. Below is my current setup for Exch5.5

-- Exch5.5 running on a Win2000 Server mixed mode.
-- This Server also is our Domain Controller.
-- This server also runs our secondary DNS Server.

What I would like to do is to have exactly the same setup with our current Exch5.5 database on a test Server hardware. Then setup another Server (to be our new Exch2000 Server) and then perform the migration.

1. Can this be done?
2. Is it possible to install a brand new setup of Exch5.5 and then just copy the database over?

Pls advise, thanks.

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