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123different -> What is best (12.Nov.2002 5:10:00 PM)

I started before to upgrade my Exchange 5.5 to E2K in a new domain, but had some problems with getting the right rights for the exchange administrator in the new domain. I also had some problems transferring users using the ADMT and am ready to start over. I was just going to upgrade from the 5.5 to E2K as that was a choice with the two domains. I wasn't going to use the ADC as I only have 15 users so it won't take long and I don't need to keep both systems running, but after reading all your posts I am wondering if it would be better and easier to use the exmerge. I have refrained from migrating the users over again to the new domain if I can't have exchange working in the new domain. Any advice would be appreciated, as this is my first AD and exchange install and the users here work all the time so taking down the system is not easy. "[Confused]"

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