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NTadmin101 -> What if things go bad? (19.Dec.2002 9:42:00 PM)

I'm about to do an inplace upgrade from exchange 5.5 sp4 to Exchange 2000 and bring that to Exch2k SP3. I have done this in a test environment which closely matches my real environment. I will not be going to Native mode right away. In case things go badly and I need to have my old exchange 5.5 server back, can I just rejoin my offline Exchange 5.5 box to the domain as an emergency measure? or is it too late once I forestprep and domain prep?

DaDougInc -> RE: What if things go bad? (30.Dec.2002 9:09:00 PM)

Review the following at http://support.microsoft.com/

Q326234 - XADM: White Paper - In-Place Upgrade from Microsoft Exchange 5.5 to E2K
Q255869 - XADM: Basic Troubleshooting for Exchange 2000 Installations

I never recommend in-place upgrades unless you absolutely have to...I.E. hardware limitations.

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