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matthewjones -> User Migration Missing Exchange Options (4.Apr.2003 8:26:00 PM)

I have my server all set up for migration from 5.5 to 2000. The Exchange 5.5 server is my only NT4 server left in the building.

ADC was installed -
Forest Prep was run
Domain Prep was run.

I've moved a test mailbox and all seems fine.

Some users in ADUC have both Exchange tabs (Exchange Features AND Exchange General) while others only have one (Exchange Features).

What does this imply?
1st - When right clicking on the users with ONE tab and picking Exchange tools I do not have a move option - I only have a Create mailbox option.

Should I delete them from AD and let the ADC re-create them? What problems would occur?

Any easy way to tell which users is that those with all fields display the users full name.
Those with only the one Exchange tab show the users logon name in the NAME field of ADUC.

Please help ASAP as my project is already way behind..

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