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mikeblamires -> exmerge time scales. (13.May2003 2:24:00 PM)

We have an almost full (nearing 16Gb strage limit) on our exchange 5.5 server, it looks from our current setup/domain situation that exmerge is probably the best option to migrate users mailboxes. We will be stripping as much as possible out before the migration but has anyone had any experience and can give a rough indication of the timescales that are likely involved in migration of the mailboxes and the hardware used . The time can fortunatly be considered as downtime! I hope thats enough info... cheers Mike

atguilmette -> RE: exmerge time scales. (13.May2003 7:48:00 PM)

Are you reusing hardware--is that why you're leaning towards the Exmerge? I've had good success just moving mailboxes between the servers (in the same domain) as well as separate domains/forests/orgs and setting up the ADC and using the ADMT to move users over.

mikeblamires -> RE: exmerge time scales. (16.May2003 10:40:00 AM)

thanks, its feeling like this is lessa dn less the way way to go... back to the drawing board.

atguilmette -> RE: exmerge time scales. (16.May2003 7:14:00 PM)

In my experience (for average size accounts), an exmerge of all data in each account is about 5-7 minutes per user for the export and a Move (between servers) is 3-6 minutes per average-sized user.

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