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mikeblamires -> Migration Wizard LDAP and Error messages (16.May2003 11:09:00 AM)

When trying to test the Exchange Migration Wizard we are running into some very strange errors. When we try and connect to the exchange 5.5 server it will return with a dialog box with the error message "Invalid server name or you do not have the required permissions". The account used and running the services (the directory service) is an exchnage account with all teh required permissions etc created from tyhe white paper form MS called "how To Change the MS exchange Server 5.5 Service Account". The application logs on the ex4 server show that an LDAP client is connecting, authenticating, searching and doing its stuff then unbinding the connection.
It looks now as if it is permissions but the generic error message and only 'succesful' events in the system are not supporting this. Using an invalid user name and password puts failed events in the 5.5 server application log & throws a different dialog box error. The old server is NT4(SP6a) ex5.5(SP4) and the new is win2k(SP3) ex2k(SP3). One more thing is they are on seperate trusted domains (NT4 & 2000). Thanks in Advance, we need a fresh idea on this one!

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