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tfrache -> Migrate from 5.5 to 2000 with ADMT+ADC ? (18.Nov.2003 2:48:00 PM)

Hi there,

I'm asking you because I didn't found a solution by searching in the archives of the forum.

I currently have a NT domain with Exchange 5.5. We migrated to Windows 2000 recently (to a new forest/domain) with ADMT. All is working. I want to upgrade to Exchange 2000 now.

Actually, I plan to:

- install the new Exchange 2K server in the Active Directory forest ;
- configure the ADC to replicate the informations from my old (but in production!) 5.5 server
- use the move mailbox wizard.

But I read a lot of thing about the sites and the organization! Is it true that I cannot use the move mailbox wizard to migrate mailboxes from an organization to another ? If it's true, is that means that I've to install my first Exchange 2000 to the old organization (and btw I'll keep the organization name for the life) ?

Very thanks in advance for your help


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