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Spootnicks -> Mail Slowness After A Migration (4.Jan.2004 7:56:00 PM)

Yesterday we moved our current Exchange 2000 from one server to another. We didnÆt make any upgrades in regards to Exchange we simple moved our entire mail server from a WINDOWS 2000 Server platform to a Windows 2000 Advanced Server platform. Everything seems to be working fine, except the fact that mail retrieval has slowed down.

For example when a user launches his or her Outlook client it states that it is trying to retrieve info from the mail server. Once Outlook launches and all of the users mail is shown this message appears occasionally. Very odd.

When we brought in the new server we plugged the NIC into the same switches the old server was. The CPU on the new server is actually XEONÆs compared to the old server which was dual P3Æs. IÆm not sure what the problem here is.

Could anyone please help?


hardwired71 -> RE: Mail Slowness After A Migration (5.Apr.2004 10:45:00 PM)

Sounds like DNS, ARP or Outlook. Does this new server have the same name as the old server? If yes, does it have the same IP? If its the same name and same ip, do a ipconfig /flushdns on a workstation to refresh its lookup cache. Do it on the DNS server too. Does it get any faster? If not, clear the ARP on your switch. Does it get faster now? If not, guess what - you're going to each workstation and will have to delete the Outlook profile and recreate it. Unfortunately if its not network-related, its an Outlook bug.

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