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aalbright -> Reroute Outgoing Internet E-mail (12.Mar.2004 8:04:00 PM)

I have gone through the process of moving everything from my Exchange 5.5 server to my new Exchange 2000 server following Q316886. I am not at the point where I need to reroute incoming and outgoing e-mail. The inbound part was easy to do from my ISA server, but the outbound part does not seem to be cooperating the same way. At present, all outgoing e-mail is being sent out through my Exchange 5.5 server, but when I follow the steps outlined in Q316886 I cannot get the Exchange 2000 server to stop sending mail out through the 5.5 server.

I was told that I could get around configuring an SMTP Connector by configuring the external DNS servers on the SMTP virtual server and removing the relay/smart host IP address so I did that and then went to Organization\Site\Configuration container\Connections where I removed the SMTP Address Space from Address Space tab in the Internet Mail Services properties. I then recalculated routing but mail seems to still want to go out of my 5.5 server. I noticed that on the General tab of the Site Addressing properties page that under the Routing Calculation server it still lists my 5.5 server. Should I change this so that my Exchange 2000 server is the routing calculation server?

Thanks in advance for your help

hardwired71 -> RE: Reroute Outgoing Internet E-mail (5.Apr.2004 10:21:00 PM)

Very Close. Good Logic. If your routing Calc server is the 5.5 server, what's the shortest path (lowest cost) route to the internet? The IMC that exists locally of course. You can do one of two things - change the rcalc server to the 2k box and/or delete the IMC in 5.5. To keep things civil in a mixed environment, better go with the rcalc change AND you could also add another connector to 2k so that 5.5 thinks its the only IMC around. And uh, oh yeah - hurry up and get rid of the 5.5 server. [Smile]

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