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jerryrobins -> changing to new domain (20.May2004 6:02:00 PM)

I have a customer that would like to change their e-mail domain name. Obviously, we would have to create a new domain name. What is involved in changing domains in exchange 2000 to receive and send e-mails with the new domain. Also we would like to forward the e-mails from the olddomain to newdomain for about 60 days.
Please advise.

pjhutch -> RE: changing to new domain (28.May2004 2:30:00 PM)

You can do this easily by modifying the Recipient Policy and appling the new policy to existing accounts.

To rename the Windows Domain means a complete rebuild. To do this you need a new Domain setup from scratch and exchange installed in the new domain and migrate mailboxes from old domain to new domain. How many users does this change involve? Its a pretty big job to do...

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