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Alex_M -> Running Exchange 2000 in a 2003 Domain (31.Aug.2004 10:07:00 AM)

Hello users,

I am responsible for a company-upgrade, but I ran into some problems for which I only suspect the answer. Since I cannot find info anywhere, I would like to pose one of those questions here.

We are currently running a full win2k domain in native mode. There are no real problems so far. Since Win2K3 has some features we would like to use, the idea is to upgrade a part of the current infrastructure. We are now running a forrest domain.local in which a subdomain office.domain.local is situated. In this subdomain the Exch2k resides.

Now my question. Is it possible to upgrade the domaincontrollers in domain.local to Win2k3 without upgrading the Exch2k infrastructure in office.domain.local ? Personally I suspect it can not, since Exchange also writes to the AD of the forrest and Exch2K is not compatible with the 2003 AD structure. But maybe someone out there tried it and suceeded.

Thanks alot for any answer anyone could give me in my quest "[Smile]"


Alex "[Cool]"

rytmehans -> RE: Running Exchange 2000 in a 2003 Domain (4.Sep.2004 7:27:00 PM)


Exchange 2000 can run in a windows 2003 AD without problems as long as it is running on a windows 2000 server. You can therefore upgrade your AD to windows 2003 without affecting the exchange server.

You might want to have a look at this before running adprep:;en-us;314649

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