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kellyclemmensen -> Groupwise to Exchange Migration (18.Jul.2005 7:12:00 PM)

Does anyone have some decent notes on migrating from a Groupwise 6.5 system to Exchange 2003.

I'm using a Windows XP workstation that is part of the AD domain I'm migrating too. I have the Netware client installed. I also have the Exchange System Manager(ESM) installed.

I've been able to gather from the many technotes I
've read that I need the Groupwise client 5.2.5 installed on the migration workstation as well(even though I have a 6.5 system). I have been unable to find on Novell's site the 5.2.5 version of the client. I have been able to find the support packs for this version however I cn't extract them because the extraction looks for the existing 5.2 software directory.
The earliest version I have is GW 5.5. I've installed this version and then used the exchange migration tool. It starts out okay but then stops with a 'GW Source Extractor' error message.
Same thing with the GRouwpise 6.5 client.(The 6.5 client seems to get all the items out of my inbox, and stops with an error when it tries extracting my folders/calendar)

Any help would be appreciated.
Note: I was able to migrate mailboxes using the Quest Groupwise Migrator for Exchange. However, it's $10.00 per user and I have 200 users to migrate. Would like to try and get the exchange migration tool working.

pjhutch -> RE: Groupwise to Exchange Migration (6.Aug.2005 7:36:00 AM)


as for the client, I cannot find one anywhere, not even on Novell's web site. You may have to ask them to send you a CD with it on...

Or try using Outlook with the groupwise plugin to acces GW mailboxes:

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nelson -> RE: Groupwise to Exchange Migration (12.Feb.2012 11:12:57 AM)

An application that helped me to easily migrate my 8000+ Groupwise mailboxes to Exchange Server, is : Groupwise to Exchange Migration

The tool is graphically rich and allows to migrate unlimited user mailboxes from Novell environment to Exchange server environment.

arthuredwards001 -> RE: Groupwise to Exchange Migration (17.Apr.2014 5:39:06 AM)

Here is the blog post which will help you in Migrating GroupWise Mailbox to Exchange server manually. Read and try it by yourself.

MelissaKreutzer -> RE: Groupwise to Exchange Migration (19.May2014 1:17:55 AM)

Now, GroupWise to Outlook migration has become very easy with the help of a third party programs. Here is a program which has been used by million of users across the world and recommended by many MVPs as well as technicians. Please have a look here the latest version of the tool with a lot of advanced features !
Hope it will also help you to migrate from Novell GroupWise to Microsoft Exchange Server !

LeePatridge -> RE: Groupwise to Exchange Migration (18.Jul.2014 12:03:10 AM)

I would also like to refer here an other excellent and very advanced application for GroupWise to Exchange migration. With the help of this software, one can easily migrate GroupWise User Mailbox including inbox emails, sent folder, contacts items, calendars, trash folder, documents folder etc into Exchange or PST format without facing any hassle. For more details about this software visit:

alishaallen -> RE: Groupwise to Exchange Migration (6.Aug.2015 1:09:28 AM)

Users can simply conversions and migrations Novell GroupWise to MS Exchange server and MS Outlook PST format Without any error. With the help of Kernel for Novell GroupWise to Exchange **** application you can easily migrates all GroupWise mailbox data into MS Exchange server with full accuracy. It is supports all version of MS Exchange server, Novell GroupWise and MS Outlook. Visit for free trial :

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