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BB -> Exch2K Install Error (8.Aug.2003 10:40:00 PM)

Hi All.

My Exch2K server went down today so I'm trying to set up a new one in the network with the same hostname and details however when I try to install Exch it says

A server object for this server ("EXCH") already exists in the administrative group "First Administrative Group". You must either remove the server object before installing or run setup with the "DisasterRecovery switch if you are attempting to recover the server.

The disasterrecovery switch does nothing to help me!

Any thoughts on how to recover from this?



BB -> RE: Exch2K Install Error (9.Aug.2003 1:55:00 PM)

My Apologies for posting this in the wrong forum! Must have been half asleep!

Mods - can you delete this one please!?

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