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clum1 -> Upgrade or not? (22.Sep.2003 4:03:00 PM)

I'm running 5.5 on an NT4 domain with around 60 users. I'm aware that support for both products is on the way out and I was wondering what my best options are at this time.

Are Exchange 2k3 and Server 2k3 mature enough to install in business-critical roles? Can I mix and match, running these within my NT4 domain? Would I be better off making a half jump to Exchange 2000? What advantages will I get?

I know I'm asking a load of questions, but I'd appreciate as many points of view as possible. My current thoughts are to buy a new Exchange Server and migrate over to it, but I need solid reasoning for the bean counters in my small company.

thanks for your help

Calum Morrison

Henrik Walther -> RE: Upgrade or not? (22.Sep.2003 8:25:00 PM)

Hello clum1,

I would say Exchange 2003 are very mature and my advise would definitely be: upgrade to Exchange 2003 !

A lot of the big companies are already running Exchange 2003 (including Microsoft themselves).

Too many people tend to look at Exchange 2003 as a completely revised Exchange version, but instead they should look at Exchange 2003 as a "big" service pack for Exchange 2000, as that's basically what it is. A service pack which introduces some nice new features plus a more stable Exchange build.

For your question about new features, I can recommend you checkout the following links:

Microsoft Exchange Server: Features of Exchange Server 2003

What's New in Exchange 2003 (White Paper)

Hope this helps on your decision [Big Grin]


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