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Kalmairn -> Exchange 2003, connecting to legacy Ex5.5/Ex2k site (4.Dec.2003 7:56:00 PM)

Good day.

We have a fully-functional Exchange2003 installation in place and ready for migration of users, however an existing legacy Exchange (5.5/2k) site currently handles all mail for the domain we use ( Our new server also needs to send/receive mail for

Here's the situation: We have a separate Win2k3 AD structure from the existing site, which is based on an NT4 domain and 2k AD with a trust. At some point in the future, the legacy Exchange site will disappear and we will host the entirety of The 2kAD, which we do not participate in or control, will remain however.

As we have no interest in participating in the 2k AD, we are looking for options to provide email addresses in for users on our Ex2k3/2k3 AD without involving ourselves in the 2kAD that supports the existing legacy site.

We currently have a Ex5.5 server in the legacy site that supports our current userbase. Our server will be retired once we have a solution, after we migrate users to the new Ex2k3 environment. We also have smarthosts/relays in place for the transfer of mail between the Exchange servers and outside internet hosts.

What options exist for this situation? Primarily, we are looking for ways to perform the conceptual equivalent of a 5.5 site connector for distribution of the GAL and e-mail for without connecting the two AD forests (aside from a possible - temporary -trust if required), and without losing the domain.

(The NT4 domain will disappear from our network once the 2k3 migration completes.)

Thanks in advance.


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