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fzierold -> Can't contact LDAP Directory Server (81) (9.Dec.2003 4:57:00 PM)

Hi, I am a newbie to Exchange and having a very difficult time getting it up and installed. Between Microsoft documentation errors, the lack of intuitive interfaces I am ready to throw in the towel. However I am still trying to keep an open mind.

My question is:

I have set up a few contacts and users in the active directory. However I am constantly getting this error:

Can't contact LDAP Directory Server (81)

I get this message when I am attempting to send a new email message. I am assuming that Outlook is trying to load info from the active directory however is unable to do so. Any suggesstions?

atguilmette -> RE: Can't contact LDAP Directory Server (81) (9.Dec.2003 10:41:00 PM)

DNS is critically important for Exchange 2000/2003 to work properly, and LDAP/GC communiction is critically important as well.

Exchange sends its directory lookups to a local Global Catalog server. If you don't have one in your local network, that can cause serious problems. If you are a single forest / single domain, you should have at least one. Try telnetting to ports 389 and 3268 (LDAP and Global Catalog). If the port connects, then at least you have directory communication.

Try opening up Exchange System Manager, drilling down to your server, right-click > properties and select the Directory Access tab. See what DCs / GCs are listed.

Make sure AD Sites & Services have properly configured subnets.

In addition, DNS is critically important for your clients as well. They need to be able to resolve a DC/GC as well as the Exchange server.

fzierold -> RE: Can't contact LDAP Directory Server (81) (10.Dec.2003 7:39:00 PM)

I cannot telnet in. The Directory Access do have have DC and GC defined. Also it says config(auto) as a row.

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