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zuraiq -> Dynamic changing "Display Name" (10.Jan.2004 8:47:00 AM)

Is it possible to change "Display Name" [the name that is appearing instead of the e-mail address in Outlook while composing a new message] from the address list (global) dynamically by the individual? Can anyone please come up with a suggestion. The details are explained in the note below as well....

Note : My intention is to indicate that a perticular user is on leave within the display name itslef, dynamically. This will be helpful since we have weekly offs, for various departments and at times not really easy to know who is off-duty and who is not? In short, each user will select some option by which his/her display name will appear "user name[On Leave]", when some other person is trying to send an e-mail to him/her. We won't be able to allow the individual user to type the text "On Leave".

pjhutch -> RE: Dynamic changing "Display Name" (13.Jan.2004 1:40:00 PM)

I suggest you don`t do that. You really ought to use the Out Of Office facility in Outlook to notify users that a user is away when sending them email.

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