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wwilson -> Front End Upgrade Question (27.Jan.2004 12:03:00 AM)

I have just recently taken over the IS Director position for this company and after doing some looking I have found out that both of our Exchange servers are running Exchange Ent 2000. I also know that in order to get to OWA you need to use an HTTPS address.

I am wanting to upgrade to Exchange 2003 knowing that I need to upgrade the Front End server first and knowing that I cannot upgrade from 2000 Ent to 2003 Std. I must completely remove 2000 from that box and blow it out.

My question is this, how do I find out if I am even using a certificate or not for our current setup? Plus how do I export it to use it with Exchange 2003 or do I should do this and instead just get a new certificate?

pjhutch -> RE: Front End Upgrade Question (27.Jan.2004 1:52:00 PM)

Load up IIS Manager snapin for your OWA Front End.
Select Properties of the Default Web Site, click Directory Security and the 'View Certificate' or 'Edit' buttons should be enabled.
If so, then a Certificate has been applied to OWA services.

wwilson -> RE: Front End Upgrade Question (27.Jan.2004 7:04:00 PM)

Thanks! I can see that it is using a cert.

How do I go about getting that certificate backed up? I am needing to completely blow that machine out becuase it is running Exchange 2000 Enterprise and I need to reinstall Windows 2003 and Exchange 2003.

Or should I just get a new certificate after I reinstall Windows and Exchange 2003? I do not even know what one costs [Confused]

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