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wwilson -> SMTP question (19.Feb.2004 12:41:00 AM)

First, Exchange message rounting is new to me and we are in the middle of upgrading our E2K servers to E2K3.

I have a question about SMTP. First a brief background: We have 3 servers. One frontend running E2k3 behind our firewall, a second running E2K that is the SMTP server , and a third new E2K3 box for a new message store.

I would like to move all the inbound email funtions to the frontend server so I can take the older E2K box offline. How do I do this? Do I just point the NAT public to private translation on the firewall from the E2K box to the new frontend and it works, or do I need to configure the frontend server first.

I know this question may seem simple for most people, and I know some about Exchange I just never had to do much with the connector side. "[Roll

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Velocat -> RE: SMTP question (19.Feb.2004 6:26:00 PM)

You need to accomplish two things:

1.) Tell the internet about your new Email Server

That is done by updating your DNS MX record to point to the new email server.

2.) Allow SMTP traffic to hit your new email server.

You can do that on your firewall by setting up an SMTP proxy (best), or allow port 25 into the server via NAT (not so good).

If you wish to test mail delivery from your front end before doing anything, you can accomplish this by doing the following from any of your internal systems:

telnet 25
mail from:<>
rcpt to:<>
Subject: Testing email delivery from an external domain
Testing test test

Enter a vaild address at on your domain that you can check to see if mail was delivered.

Good Luck.

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