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RE: Exchange Server Reported Error (0x8004010F)

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RE: Exchange Server Reported Error (0x8004010F) - 14.Sep.2005 5:05:50 PM   


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If you take your 2003 client off of "cached" mode and you still get the error try assigning an offline address list for the mailbox store.  The following explains the procedure:

System Manager/Servers/"Mail Server Hosting Mailboxes"/"first" Storage Group/mailbox store 

Right Click Properties

General Tab

Offline Address List (assign your address list)

Thanks Xaneth for this solution

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RE: Exchange Server Reported Error (0x8004010F) - 18.Oct.2005 3:32:18 AM   


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This worked for me (Exchange 2003):

Exchange System Manager:
Goto Recipients->Offline Address Lists->Default Offline Address list, right click and select rebuild.

Worked for me too, SBS2003. Thnx.

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RE: Exchange Server Reported Error (0x8004010F) - 1.Dec.2005 6:14:20 PM   


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Hey guys I've tried all the above, and nothing works.

I have one Exchange 2000 server with outlook 2003 NOT in cashed mode.  When they sync they recive:

Task 'Corpex01-nt.usa.cinemark.com' reported error (0x8004010F) : 'The operation failed. An object could not be found.'

Ive tried reslecting address book, checking server replication in various public folders. Ony have one exchange server.


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RE: Exchange Server Reported Error (0x8004010F) - 1.Dec.2005 8:17:20 PM   


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See if this will help, this has a couple of different ways of fixing it.

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RE: Exchange Server Reported Error (0x8004010F) - 8.Dec.2005 11:24:46 AM   


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Hi all,

I've had this problem too! It seems that this is caused for many reasons. In my case it came down to permissions.
Basically, I hadn't enabled the "external associated account" for the user in question. He had all other rights, so was able to download e-mail, etc. But he kept getting that annoying message.

Therefore, you may want to check in dsa.msc under properties for the particular user - exchange advanced (i think - at home at the moment) - mailbox rights - make sure you select the right individaul and given them all the rights to the mailbox including "external associated account".

This did it for me. I hope it helps.


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RE: Exchange Server Reported Error (0x8004010F) - 8.Jan.2006 9:36:51 PM   


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TWDAVE ..... Ur A star.....

i would like to add that i did try your info  and it did not work. What i ended up doing was deleting the offline address book,
then creating a new one with a different name.
I then followed twdave's suggestions  & VIOLA, it worked.

hope it helps & good luck


ORIGINAL: twdave

This worked for me:

One of my Outlook users had the same error 0x8004010F when synchronizing his mailbox.
The solution was:
1) Remove the checkmark from 'Download Offline Address Book' (OAB) in Send/rec. settings.
2) Download OAB from Send/receive menu.
3) Sync. w/ F9
4) Set the checkmark in 1)
5) Sunc. w/ F9

Done !

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RE: Exchange Server Reported Error (0x8004010F) - 10.Jan.2006 11:42:25 PM   


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THis is the error which is associated with Offline Address book not available to clients for download.

It happens b'coz of many reasons.

Many of the times customers end with support call with microsoft.

but let me suggest you general steps to be followed.

1) make sure that on the property of mailbox store Offline Address Book is assigned properly
2) increase diagnostic logging by going to server property on system manager for the counter OAL Generator
3) try to rebuilt the OAB
4) watch out for errors in application logs
5) try creating another OAB pointing to another Exchange server
6) associate newly created OAB on the properties of mailbox store
7) if all these step fails

refer following article possibly we need to reset system folders

In case you've further doubts please let me know



Dipak Sharma

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Post #: 167
RE: Exchange Server Reported Error (0x8004010F) - 11.Jan.2006 8:19:15 PM   


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From: Mumbai, India
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Please check whether you are using Outlook to connect to Exchange server in "Cached Mode".


With Regards,
Vishal Breed (919820813222)

Remember, I am not miles away but just a mail away.

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RE: Exchange Server Reported Error (0x8004010F) - 12.Jan.2006 2:07:21 PM   


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From: Atlanta
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Hello All,

Here are some of the things that need to be checked in order for this to work. Basically, the outlook client is trying to download and OAL that he can't find.

From Exchange 2003:
1-Make sure that you have an oal created (with a GAL(simple)). If you use more than one OAL, then you need to use and Address List as your OAL instead of your GAL (this one got mee too).
2-Rebuild the OAL (right-click oal and rebuild etc) this can take upto 24 hours to complete.
3-Use ADSI and go to
CN=Default OAL,CN=Offline Address Lists,CN=Address Lists Container,CN=ExORG,CN=Microsoft Exchange,CN=Services,CN=Configuration,DC=domain,DC=local

This is the DN of a sample OAL, copy this string and go to

In the properties of User1, go to MSExchuseOAB and copy the string above. This way your account will definetaly know where you OAB is.

From Outlook2003:
Go to file --> 'Work Offline' You will be prompted with several questions.
When you get the chance, go to the dropdown of 'Send and Receive' and select 'Download Address Book'


Patrick de Rover
Hosting Specialist
MCSE, MCSA Messaging
MCITP 2007, 2010

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RE: Exchange Server Reported Error (0x8004010F) - 17.Mar.2006 10:14:42 AM   


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The easiest way i sorted this was to go to exchange 2003 manager.
Go to Offline Address lists.
then properties on the Offline address list. Dont rebuild .
Then you can see your address lists. Remove them.

Click ok.  Error is reported.  Ok that.

Then return to the Offline Address book properties, add your Address book.
Ok that.  rebuild.

That will sort the problem. I didn't need to change the cached mode on the outlook xp's. it just downloaded the offline address book and was clear of errors.



Adam Roberts

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RE: Exchange Server Reported Error (0x8004010F) - 17.Mar.2006 8:42:43 PM   


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Thanks to the forum I resolved my problem.  Here is the info
Recent change:
I'd upgraded E2k to E2k3 by moving the DB to a temp server, performing a clean OS/Exc install and migrating the DB back to the permanent server.  The server was the only DC before and a secondary DC after.

Numerous, but not all, O2K3 clients receiving 0x800401F error
Cannot view Public folders through ESM, receiving SSL Certificate error, ID no: c103b404
Cannot rebuild Offline Address Lists, receiving No bindings error, ID no: c00706b6

The Default Offline Address List in ESM was pointing to my old server's name.  I changed this to the new server name.  This allowed me to rebuild the OAL.
Then I found this article:
regarding the SSL error and was able to resolve that as well.
After two days, no more 0x800401F errors have come up on the clients.

Thanks to all the posters and I hope this helps someone else.

(in reply to josephvi)
Post #: 171
RE: Exchange Server Reported Error (0x8004010F) - 28.Mar.2006 12:19:15 AM   


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I had this same error 0x8004010F - we have Exchange 2003 and Outlook 2003 and do not use offline files.

I did:
tools>options>mail setup>
send/receive>edit>account properties>
advanced>offline folders>file settings>
clicked on 'disable offline use'
and wha-la - its fixed.
Not sure if this was caused by enabling offline files on my laptop...

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RE: Exchange Server Reported Error (0x8004010F) - 11.Apr.2006 2:04:33 PM   


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my clients have the same problem. I have tried all of the things here but evertyime I try to rebuild offline adress book list I get this error:
There are no bindings
Facility: Win32
ID no:c00706b6
Exchange System Manager

I have searched so much to fix the error but i couldn't handle it. There is not a lot of information about this problem. Can anyone help me please?

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RE: Exchange Server Reported Error (0x8004010F) - 12.Apr.2006 8:13:03 PM   


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From: Toronto, Canada
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Evrim, did you have any exchange server or domain controller that was removed from the domain? The reason why i think you are getting this error is because the Offline address list server it resides on does not exist anymore or cannot be contacted. To verify, go into exchange system manager\recipients\offline address lists. On the right pane, open the properties of the address list and verify that the server is correct.


Ibrahim Benna - Microsoft Exchange MVP
Forum Moderator

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RE: Exchange Server Reported Error (0x8004010F) - 9.May2006 5:23:38 PM   


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Hi folks,

I appreciate everyones insight into this problem  Just came across this article on MS's website regarding Exchange 2003 SP1.  Followed the steps in the article and the problem is fixed.


Talks about event log errors in the Application Log of the Exchange server when you try a Rebuild of the OAB.

"Event IDs 9334, 9330, and 9175 are logged when you try to generate an offline address book after you install Exchange Server 2003 Service Pack 1"

Hope this helps.

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RE: Exchange Server Reported Error (0x8004010F) - 3.Jun.2006 12:04:01 AM   


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1)we created new offline address list by selecting following options

From ESM go to Recipients->offline address list->(right click offline address list) new -> Offline address list-> Give any name & select server ->click next->click next ->click Finish.

2)We changed maintenance interval of public folder store to always from the following location

From ESM go to Public store -> Right click->properties-> Database -> Select custom schedule to always for maintenance interval

3)We rebuilded newly created offline address list from the following location

From ESM Go to recipients->offline address list-> (In the rightpane) right-click newly created offline address list -> click on rebuild

4)We dismounted & mounted public store

5) We then confirmed the entry of newly created offline address list in the system folder from the following location

From ESM go to folders-> Public folder -> Right-click & select view system folder ->Expand OFFLINE ADDRESS BOOK , we confirmed entry was created for newly created offline address book, we also checked for OAB version 2 & OAB Version 3a sub-folders below newly created offline address list folder.

6) We finally pointed our mailbox store to point to newly created offline address list from the following location

From ESM go to Mailbox store-> Right click->Properties-> in the offline address list field , selected newly created offline address list.

Thank you for clearly explaining this.  This method worked perfectly for my situation.

Thank you very much!


Server Systems Analyst
Univeristy of Idaho - Boise

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RE: Exchange Server Reported Error (0x8004010F) - 27.Jun.2006 4:42:13 PM   


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I was banging my head as well but finally resolved my issue. 
If this is a new server build go to:  properties of the mailbox store, General Tab.
If there is no offline address listed browse to the default.

Hope this helps yall

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RE: Exchange Server Reported Error (0x8004010F) - 2.Jul.2006 5:06:20 PM   


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hi 2 all.

i was facing this problem 0x8004010F since i un-install office 2007 beta this morning. i did the following:

1- go to email accouts
2- go to exchange server settings
3- go to more settings
4- advanced tab
5- go to offline folder file settings...
6- disable offline use.

it works fine.

hope it works 4 u all


(in reply to josephvi)
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RE: Exchange Server Reported Error (0x8004010F) - 6.Jul.2006 8:14:14 PM   


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If you have more than 1 Exchange Server than this will fix the issue.

I had the same Outlook error on clients running in cached exchange mode. This happened after implimenting the second Exchange Server into a different site. Basically the default address list was not replicating to the home server as described below.



I had the same error (0x8004010F) after the 2nd Exchange2003 server implemented. After doing some research, I think I find the root for this error, and the problem has been fixed.

Basically the user gets this error because the Default Address list has not been replicated to user's home server yet (or there is no Default Address List built yet, if this is the 1st Exchange 200x server).

To replicate the Default Offline Address List to user's home server:
1.go to System Manager.
2.In the console tree, expand Servers, expand the fist Exchange 200x server in this Exchange Organization (to find out which server homes the Default Offline Address List, point to Recipients, point to Offline Address Lists, and then you can see from the right panel). Find the OAB Version 2, OAB Version 3a, and Offline Address Book from the Public Folder Instances panel.
3.Right-click on each these three folders, and then click Properties.
4.Click Replication, and then click Add.
5.Select the new server you want to replicate to.
6.Wait and check the Public Folder Instances panel on the new server to confirm those three folders have been replicated.

Then go back to your Outlook and do a Send/Receive. The error should be gone.

Hope it helps.....

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RE: Exchange Server Reported Error (0x8004010F) - 13.Jul.2006 7:15:16 AM   


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Went thru every post up to about #175 ish. Wrote out 28 completelty different things to try from various people.
I notice that a lot of the posts are assuming that you are indeed an admin of the exchange server and it is sitting beside you.
But what happens if you've got a flippin out-sourced exchange server that is sitting 600 kilomtres from ya? Every one of those 'rebuild list' posts goes out the window.

Anyway, I went thru all 28 different items that I know that I could try within the users outlook settings, but not one of them fixed the dopey sync problem.
Easiest and quickest solution for me was to blow away the users profile and rebuild it. Was way quicker than going thru them 28 items.
It fixed the sync'ing 0x8004010F problem....

[dang stupid company policies to use microsoft stuff. Give me mozilla anyday.]

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