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aceracer -> MS POP3 Connector? (17.Apr.2004 5:19:00 PM)

SBS2000, WinXP clients.
A client has just moved to OL'03 and wants to use a shared calendar. Up till now they have been connecting directly to their POPserver for mail (not using Exchange). They do not have a static IP. Can I use the POP3 connector for this and is there a good source of information on setting this up?. THANX for any help!

madcow -> RE: MS POP3 Connector? (18.Apr.2004 2:19:00 AM)

Yes, you can configure your Exchnage Server using the POP3 Connector to pop mails from your ISP.

Just open the POP Connector as you mentioned you are using SBS2000 and it's very easy to configure.

Remember in account name type the users complete e-mail address not just his/er name and then add their passwordds which must match with the passwords assigned by your ISP and all should work flawless.


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