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KevRI85 -> ERROR in IIS (OWA) (11.Jun.2004 8:56:00 PM)

i'm not quit sure if i did the setup correctly. Because i'm new to exchange, i setup a little private network and installed Win2K Server (as a DC) and then installed Exchange2003. But when i goto http://localhost/exchange i get the PAGE NOT FOUND, same if i use http://ipaddress/exchange. In IIS it shows a red stop sign with ERROR written in it next to the exchange folder. Any clues? do I have to modify anything in IIS?

Thanks -> RE: ERROR in IIS (OWA) (11.Jun.2004 9:00:00 PM)

OWA should work without additional work if you've sucessfully installed Exchange 2000/2003.
By all means do a stop/start on the web site which should be all you need to do in order to remove the STOP signs.
Out of interest, when you connect to "http://servername" do you get the "Under Construction" or are we looking at an IIS problem, not just a secondary Echange problem?

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