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Captain1356 -> OWA Not allowing Login (24.Jun.2004 9:36:00 PM)

I have 2 exchange 2003 servers, one is running as a front end with OWA. The other is obviously the backend, and contains the public folders, and mailbox stores. This exchange installation is running on a Windows 2003 domain. AD, DNS, DHCP, etc. are correctly setup and functioning properly.
AD replication is occuring properly between all DCs without any major issue.
I recently changed a users password, and that user can now no longer log into their mailbox via OWA. They can use Outlook on the local network however. When the user attempts to login to OWA they get a 500 Internal Server Error from IIS. I found this to be strange seeing as that any other user can log in and use OWA just fine....
Any ideas?

xxraptorxx -> RE: OWA Not allowing Login (25.Jun.2004 7:36:00 AM)

What is this user doing for login name?
just username or domain\username or Username@domain.com

if your just using the username I would try domain\username and see if that works
if its failing on that then is the Front end server a DC/GC server?

Captain1356 -> RE: OWA Not allowing Login (25.Jun.2004 3:14:00 PM)

1) all users logon with only their username and password. No domain prefix of any type is necessary. All other users have no problem logging in this way.
2) Yes, the front-end as well as the backend servers are both DCs. Neither is the GC. We have one machine that is currently performs all the forest roles.
3) an addendum: the user in question that cannot login to OWA can log into any client on the domain just fine, with their new password.
Also, the domain is running in native mode.

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