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abakshi -> Server Setup (Design) Question (26.Aug.2004 4:31:00 AM)

Ok - my first post - please read through this as I need some help setting up my Exchange server. So I'm in charge of setting up a server for the small business that I work for.

Basically, the way the network is set up right now is that there are about 10-15 machines on the LAN in a peer-to-peer workgroup setup. Each accesses the internet through a simple router setup that does NAT, etc., and the IP's are static. In addition, all the machines have their own individual Outlook setup's.

There's some Outlook information that everyone in the company needs to have on their machines - company-wide contacts and calender dates, mainly. Up till now there has been no server set up to centralize anything, so the only way this data (the business-wide contacts and calender, etc.) was centralized was that I periodically exported the personal folder (PST) file from the boss' computer and imported it into all the other machines' Outlook.

But now they have decided to go ahead and centralize all this information, as well as some files that everyone needs, so now we have a server set up with Windows Server 2003 and Exchange 2003.

Now here's my question - how can I set this up to minimize or avoid changes in the users' experience? Basically, the server is needed in order to centralize the Outlook data that is common to everyone. I set up the basic AD, etc. requirements needed for Exchange, but the network is currently a workgroup, and everyone is used to being able to work on their computers without having to log on to a domain, etc. This also gives them portability - e.g. they just come in, plug in to the network, and work away.

Centralized email is not really a concern, but of course it may become one in the future. Currently, the business website and email (POP3) is done through an account with a hosting company, so none of that is currently within the office.

So basically, how can I set up Exchange so that all the users can get the company-wide Outlook data (in addition to their own info) and not have to log into the domain (which I had to set up for Exchange) at startup? In essence, how can I best integrate Exchange into this existing peer-to-peer environment?

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abakshi -> RE: Server Setup (Design) Question (29.Aug.2004 5:58:00 PM)

Any ideas?

Henrik Walther -> RE: Server Setup (Design) Question (29.Aug.2004 9:32:00 PM)

Why don't you want the users to logon to an AD domain? Remember when they have logged on once while connected to the LAN, they can still logon to the AD domain, even though they aren't connected (by using a cached profile).

For the shared contacts, calendar etc. I recommend you create public folders or alternatively shared resource mailboxes.

Guest -> RE: Server Setup (Design) Question (13.Oct.2004 10:10:00 AM)

Dear friend, you have to move into Ad environment configure all the PCs to Ad your excahnge I suggest you to install Exchange on seperate machine and use excahge service admin account to install it, beleive me you will save a lot of head ache if you do it.

You will have to create shared mail account for that company as well.

Dont forget to backup your excahnge for rainly days.
You have some job to do there,
if you do it right you will avoid head ache again.
Good luck]

km_irfan -> RE: Server Setup (Design) Question (13.Oct.2004 10:30:00 AM)

How about allowing users to use Access their mails using OWA of exchange 2003.

It serves your purpose.

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