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ravidow -> help needed for exchange server installation (4.Nov.2004 7:37:00 PM)

i am basically new to microsoft exchange server, and in my company we are trying to setup the exchange server. we have domain controller on one server which like and i am trying to install the exchange server on another computer and i installed the domain controller by using control panel --> configure my dns server and it is installed properly, now once i open the exchange server i see the first administrative group and mailbox, public folder and eveything but when i try to create a mailbox or trying to mount the mailbox it is giving me error like server is not operational or "try restarting the exchange server manager or information store or both", try it various ways but still no success. so somebody please tell me the steps to install and so far what i did was right or wrong, also one of friend told me that i must install the exchange in the first server in order to work the email server. i really appreciate if somebody let me know on this.

rytmehans -> RE: help needed for exchange server installation (5.Nov.2004 11:15:00 PM)


Sounds as if you already installed Exchange server??

First make sure that DNS is configured properly. Your domain controller should be running the DNS service and in the TCP/IP properties configured to use itself as DNS server. In the DNS server forwarders tab you then configure your ISP's DNS servers as forwarders.
Next make sure that the Exchange server is configured in the TCP/IP properties to use your domain controller as DNS server.

And last make sure that all exchange services configured to start automatically are also started and if they are not troubleshoot or post the error messages logged in the application log.

praburbm -> RE: help needed for exchange server installation (9.Nov.2004 10:22:00 AM)

what verion u installed ?windows 2003 r windows 2000?,pls check the antivirus in the exchange server,because it give so many problems like that,pls recheck the antivirus setup

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