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ag28com -> Exchange Server 2003 on Windows 2003 Domain Controller (10.Apr.2005 8:57:00 AM)

I am trying to resolve a problem on Exchange, which is running on a Windows 2003 domai9n controller (which I know is not recommended!). Windows Server 2003 had the POP3 service installed when Windows 2003 Server Setup was run. This seemed to cause problems starting the Exchange 2003 POP3 Protocol on the Exchange Server (as well as NNTP). I got a message to say that the services had terminated unexpectedly when trying to run them and also that the start/control request did not respond in a "timely fashion."

The Windows Server POP3 service was unisntalled and it meant that NNTP could then be started. Unfortunately it hasn't resolved the POP3 issue, and when I try and start this it comes up with a "Overlapped I/O Operation is in progress" error message.

I have come to the conclusion that it might now be best to uninstall Exchange and re-install it on the Domain Controller. If I do re-install Excjhange, should I also re-install the Windows 2003 Server POP3 service Does anyone have any tips or pointers on getting Windows & Exchange 2003 servers to run together properly? -> RE: Exchange Server 2003 on Windows 2003 Domain Controller (10.Apr.2005 8:24:00 PM)

Ensure the POP3 service from Windows is removed and then do a simple reinstall of Exchange. You cannot have the two services running unless you first move the POP3 listener in IIS away from 110/993

The Exchange on a DC is only really a performance issue when you have a large(ish) Exchange install doing a lot of lookups and the DC is (perhaps) the only DC that has to server requests from everything else.

In any case the Exchange/DC issues have nothing to do with the Windows POP3 Service.

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