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aguia -> Forestprep error (8.Jun.2005 11:15:00 AM)

I have only one Windows 2000 Server SP4 Domain Controller and a Windows 2000 Server SP4 member server with Exchange 2000 Server SP3 installed. The Domain Controller have the 5 FSMO roles of the forest.

The windows 2000 domain and exchange 2000 organization are in native mode.

I run forestprep from the domain controller to upgrade the active directory schema before install Exchange Server 2003 and receive the fallowing error:
[20:35:24] Creando listas de direcciones de la organizaci=n
[20:35:24] Entering CAtomOrgCtChildren::ScCreateOrgLevelAddressListObjs
[20:35:24] Entering CAtomOrgCtChildren::ScCreateGlobalAddressListObj
[20:35:24] Updating default Exchange 2000 GAL to include Dynamic Distribution Lists
[20:35:24] Leaving CAtomOrgCtChildren::ScCreateGlobalAddressListObj
[20:35:24] CAtomOrgCtChildren::ScCreateOrgLevelAddressListObjs (f:\titanium\admin\src\udog\exsetdata\components\server\a_orgctchildren.cxx:1511)
Error code 0X80070005 (5): Acceso denegado.
[20:35:24] Leaving CAtomOrgCtChildren::ScCreateOrgLevelAddressListObjs
[20:35:24] CAtomOrgCtChildren::ScAddDSObjects (f:\titanium\admin\src\udog\exsetdata\components\server\a_orgctchildren.cxx:192)
Error code 0X80070005 (5): Acceso denegado.
[20:35:24] Leaving CAtomOrgCtChildren::ScAddDSObjects
[20:35:24] mode = 'ForestPrep' (61965) CBaseAtom::ScSetup (f:\titanium\admin\src\udog\setupbase\basecomp\baseatom.cxx:842)
Error code 0X80070005 (5): Acceso denegado.
[08:12:06] >>>>>>>>>> El programa de instalaci=n encontr= un error durante la tarea de componente Preparaci=n del bosque de Microsoft Exchange de ForestPrep. -- ID:62237 -- CBaseComponent::ScSetup (f:\titanium\admin\src\udog\exsetdata\components\forprep\compforprep.cxx:513)
Error code 0X80070005 (5): Acceso denegado.
[08:12:06] Entering CBaseComponent::SetSubtreeComponentsToFailWithErrorInSetup
[08:12:06] Leaving CBaseComponent::SetSubtreeComponentsToFailWithErrorInSetup
[08:12:06] CCompForestPrep::ScSetup (f:\titanium\admin\src\udog\exsetdata\components\forprep\compforprep.cxx:613)
Error code 0X80070005 (5): Acceso denegado.
[08:12:06] Leaving CCompForestPrep::ScSetup
[08:12:06] CComExchSetupComponent::Install (f:\titanium\admin\src\udog\bo\comboifaces.cxx:829)
Error code 0X80070005 (5): Acceso denegado.
I search in Microsoft Knowledge Base about that error but donĘt find anything.

Can anyone help me to resolve that please ?

I think that is a permission problems but I donĘt know where to look

Thanks !

rytmehans -> RE: Forestprep error (11.Jun.2005 10:14:00 AM)


Do you have schema admin permissions?

Have you checked that the server can upgrade the schema (in the schema mmc)?

aguia -> RE: Forestprep error (17.Jun.2005 12:03:00 PM)

Thanks for the answer Leif Pedersen

I find what cause this error.

The problem was a permission problem in the Default GAL that Exchange 2000 create during the installation. I change the permission in the default GAL because I create another custom GAL for my company.

I delete de default GAL because I donĘt need it and forestprep run without errors.


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