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dennieku -> POP connector - mail date problem (21.Jul.2005 5:10:00 PM)


I'm a total newbee to Exchange! I've just installed SBS 2003 and configured the POP3 Connector in Exchange to retrieve mail messages from the POP mailbox to my Exchange mailbox.

Everything works fine besides that all mail messages get the date from synhronization in stead of the actual mail message date. Can this be configured so the date of a mail message in the Exchange mailbox is the same as the actual date of the mail message in the POP mailbox?


pjhutch -> RE: POP connector - mail date problem (22.Jul.2005 5:36:00 AM)

Why not dump the POP connector, and set up Exchange to receive SMTP messages directly and not from a POP3 account.

All you need is a email domain set up with your ISP, some MX and Host records and the domain setup with RUS and Recipient Policy.

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