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Toxic -> Uninstall SBS Exchange 2003 (6.Aug.2005 5:35:00 AM)

Beacuse I cannot get anything to work the right way and I have chnaged so many damn options. What is the correct way on uninstallng Exchange 2003 on SBS 2003.
Just uninstall or is there other things I should look at.
Thanks "[Mad]"

juandiegov -> RE: Uninstall SBS Exchange 2003 (6.May2007 11:01:07 AM)

i`m having the same problem. I`ve found on the web that this is extremely problematic and is not recommended.

any thoughts?....

sergebsn -> RE: Uninstall SBS Exchange 2003 (7.May2007 4:08:50 AM)

Look at this, please.

Bryansix -> RE: Uninstall SBS Exchange 2003 (16.Nov.2011 8:41:21 PM)

There are many good reasons to uninstall Exchange from SBS 2003. These include migrating to SBS 2008 or migrating to another server where Exchange will no longer be hosted internally.

You launch the uninstall from ADD/REMOVE programs, and select WINDOWS SMALL BUSINESS SERVER 2003. Keep in mind that when you select to remove Exchange and go to the next step it will ask for disc 2 of the SBS 2003 install.

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