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joes -> Problems after virus attach (23.Aug.2003 9:36:00 PM)

We were recently infected with w32Klez.H@mm and we are having trouble locating the owner of the virus. GFI is isolating anytime the virus awakes but NAV keeps crashing witha critical error. We noticed in almost every mailbox that there is a file that cannot be deleted (says its a system file) but it just looks a regular email. Any way to delete this file and do you think its involved with the virus. Also any ideas on why NAV keeps crashing.

Chaoszwerg -> RE: Problems after virus attach (25.Aug.2003 10:13:00 AM)


dont let NAV scan the gfi folders!
or the mailboxes!
we had the same problem with gfi in verison 7.2 when you touched a infectet mail via explorer in the gfi quarantaine folder.

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