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yongct -> X.400 configuration (17.Jul.2004 12:29:00 PM)

Dear All,

I would like to know how to use x.400 conector to route mail between two exchange organization(ex5.5 <---> ex2003). Anyone of you has configured X.400 connector on exchange 2003? I really appreciate an expert in the forum send me the documentation. Thanks in advance "[Confused]"

Guest -> RE: X.400 configuration (19.Jul.2004 2:23:00 AM)

You need to firstly create a "TCP/IP x.400 Service Transport Stack", this is done by using Exchange System Manager, goto the Server object, expand Protocols, and right click on "X400".

Next in Routing Groups -> Connectors, create a new TCP X400 connector.

* name for the connector (make it meaningful)
* enter remote server name and password
* in "Stack" it's best to use IP Address (remote server)

The hardest to get right would be the address space, click Add to create a new X400 address space:
* O is your Site name (Admin Group in 2003).
* P is name registered for your domain with your telephone (X400) service provider
* A is your X400 service provider name
* country code

for Connected Routing Group, click Add:
Under Routing Group, select "<Exchange 5.5 site>" and provide similar details as above for Address space.

And thats about it, but you will need to do create an X400 connector from Exchange 5.5 back to Exchange 2003.

If your links are perm, and stable, it's worth considering using Site Connector (Routing Group Connector). First install the SRS (Site Replication Service) on an Exchange 2003 server, and then install the connectors, these connectors are very easy to configure and get working, from experience, it takes a lot of mucking around getting the X400 connectors to work properly.

Remember after setting up the connectors you still need to create the Directory Replication Connector in Exchange 5.5 and the ADC connection agreements.

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