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PrimoMatt -> New DC crashing Exhange? (30.Aug.2004 3:29:00 PM)

Here is the issue-

We have two locations

Headquarters and and a Colo Facility Data Center (5 miles away)

Exchange 2003 OWA sits in the Colo Facility and the 2003 backend sits in HQ

Everything has been dandy for several months until MGMT decided we needed a DC at the colo for redundancy.

A DC with Global Catalog was placed at the colo and placed in the AD Site....... and since then about every three days OWA crashes and the event viewer states

All domain Controllers are not responding....and lists all DC's in our company which are not all down??

A reboot fixes the issue but I need the real fix since our AD guy has left the company

Again this all started when the other DC was brought online....What am I missing?

Thank you everyone


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