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adamfcameron -> X-SCL: headed not in messages (3.Sep.2004 6:59:00 PM)

I am using the IMF and archiving the messages, but some users want what appears to be spam, but it's not. Anyway I want to have IMF add the header with the SCL rating in it and pass it through instead of archiving it. And then have rules in outlook (2000) that say if the message contains the header X-SCL: 6 .. 9 then put in junk mail folder. The rules are in but I do not see the X-SCL: header when it gets to outlook client. It is present when it is in the archive directory, but not if I let it pass through.

Is the header stripped from the message? Or not included when it is passed on (ie. Take no Action) from the IMF porperties?

This seems like a simple solution but my header is not there.


Henrik Walther -> RE: X-SCL: headed not in messages (3.Sep.2004 7:28:00 PM)

To expose the SCL rating in Outlook see:

Exposing SCL (Spam Confidence Level) in Outlook:

You can't manipulate SCL rated messages via Outlook rules, but why don't you whitelist the respective senders?

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