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myithveron -> XKey 2.0 Exchange Edition (21.Jan.2005 7:54:00 PM)

I run TechAbsorbed.com, I review odd gadgets, unique technology, etc.

Basically I reviewed a product called the Xkey 2.0 Exchange edition. Its a 512mb Flash drive with embedded secure MS Exchange client.

Now that I have reviewed it, I don't personally have any used for it, but it is too specific of a product and will not sell on Ebay. It is retail $400.00, I am willing to part with it much cheaper! Please email me if anyone is interested,

It is brand new, only been used once. The firmware is upated to the newest version. Comes with retail box and everything in place.

email me at : rustynewton@techabsorbed.com

You can see the review of it on my site, TechAbsorbed.com

Sorry if this is not the right place to post such an item, but I cant find many other places =P


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