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znovak -> wrong body content by recieving emails ?? (25.Jan.2005 11:55:00 PM)

hello everybody, i need a little bit help or some idea solving this problem:
1. we had a w2k server (PII 266MHz, 365MB RAM) with exchange2000 (SP4), Norton AV Corp. Edition an Norton Antispam 4.5. In this state, the baseline was very high (about 95-99%), so that i decide to build up some new server 2003 (w2k3 Standard , Hardware: 2x Xeon 2,8MHz, 2 MB Ram, Raid 5(3x73GB) ) with exchange 2003 (enterprise ed.).
2. I also installed an ISA2004 in the domain as discribed in isaserver.org. Here ic use SMTP-rules for the IP extern to intern to exchange server.
3. Installing the neu exchange 2003 (+ SP1 and patches), than the PST, the newest Norton Enterprise Ed. (9.0) with the exclusions, i tested some mails from intern and extern accounts.
4. Now the problem: reciving mail from extern, sometimes i get message as an admin that the body content is not being supportet, allthough i can open the mail in the attachment and can send it to the user, who¦s waiting for it.
==> Do you have any idea how to handle this problem ???
thx for help

DaDougInc -> RE: wrong body content by recieving emails ?? (28.Jan.2005 3:12:00 PM)

Can you share the exact message description you receive? Have you tried searching GOOGLE with that description?

Are you using any SMTP filtering?
How often do you get these messages?
Does any event in the Event Logs on the ISA or Exchange server coorelate with these messages?
Have you tried temporarily disabling all 3rd party products while you troubleshoot this issue?

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