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Henrik Walther -> Using the Microsoft Exchange Server User Monitor (ExMon) tool (5.May2005 4:54:00 PM)

This thread has been created in order to discuss the Exchange Server User Monitor (ExMon) tool article, and for you to provide feedback or ask any questions you might have.


madcow -> RE: Using the Microsoft Exchange Server User Monitor (ExMon) tool (5.May2005 5:14:00 PM)

Shold I leave this tool running on the exchange server or should I only run when I need to?

Will leave it running have a negative impact on the processor utiliztion?

Please advise.



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Henrik Walther -> RE: Using the Microsoft Exchange Server User Monitor (ExMon) tool (6.May2005 9:36:00 AM)

Hi Madcow,

No the tool shouldn't be running all the time as it does impact the general performance of the server, but you could schedule it to run for a period at a specific time each day/week/month.

From the ExMon FAQ:

Q: How long should I collect ExMon data?

A: Tracing time depends on user activity and how you want to use the data. For good averages across all users, it is recommended that you collect data for at least 30 minutes during a period of expected user activity. Some client monitoring data is collected only at certain intervals. Therefore, collecting data for longer may increase the probability of more complete data. When you troubleshoot individual users and problems, traces of one to five minutes are generally sufficient.

Q: How does ExMon data collection affect Exchange server performance?

A: The effect of data collection on Exchange Server is less than a two percent increase in CPU or latency. To minimize the effect, you should not collect data on a hard disk drive that is currently being used by Exchange, such as the database, streaming, log file, or queue drives. Also note that ExMon tracing uses a Windows technology known as Event Tracing for Windows (ETW). ETW was designed especially for performance tracing and is used by core parts of Windows. As a result, the effect on the server is less than two percent additional processing time and a negligible additional latency.

EyeStorm -> RE: Using the Microsoft Exchange Server User Monitor (ExMon) tool (13.Oct.2005 5:12:30 PM)

In my exchange server, the performance monitor counter shows that RPC Requests, RPC Average Latency, and the Average Disk Queue are really high in the morning (8 - 10 AM), some users are experiencing really slow performance such as downloading headers takes long time.

How do I interpret the result of the Exmon to torubleshoot my problem?



guthriem -> RE: Using the Microsoft Exchange Server User Monitor (ExMon) tool (28.Mar.2008 11:56:25 AM)

Anyone every had the:

Unknown StartTrace Error (8)

I've seen posts for the error (183) and (5), but I seem to be the first to have (8). I've tried running the Tracelog.exe, but still no luck. Also tried uninstalling and reinstalling to a different directory.

I really need to get this working, there's a user that's killing the server and I need the proof!

Exchange 2003 SP2 on Windows Server 2003 SP1 EE, Active\Passive Cluster.

Thanks, Mitch,

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